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We understand that you are already busy and overwhelmed. We strive for simplicity in your process of working with us. Book your free discovery call to learn about your steps to resilience. 

Step 1: Discovery Call

Are we aligned with each other?

Before we begin working together, I’d like to hear your health goals to see if I can help you with them. You will learn how I support women with stress and burnout, ask questions about my services and decide if this is for you. It’s up to 20 minutes and free.

Step 2: Initial Naturopathic Assessment

Initiating naturopathic care

Initial assessment is to review your personal/family  medical history, assess symptoms of burnout and stress and functioning of various organ systems, and establish the baseline to check the progress. Functional tests and initial treatment options will be discussed during this session. It’s up to 75 minutes and $375.

Step 3: Care Plan Roadmap Appointment

Discussing care plan roadmap for the next 3-6 months

Based on the findings from our initial assessment, a care plan roadmap towards better energy, calm and clarity will be discussed and the first phase of your individualized treatment will begin. We’ll also identify specific goals and hindrances to success to ensure our success. It’s up to 45 minutes and $225.

Step 4: Follow Up Appointments

Checking in for accountability and progress

Depending on the roadmap, I will check in with you on a regular basis to ensure your success along the way. You can also request follow up consults if you have questions about the current treatment plan or new concerns to discuss. It’s varied in lengths and costs. 


Take The First Step On Your

Journey With Me

Transformation takes courage. This is why we are here to answer all your questions before you commit to working with us. During our 20 min discovery call, we will introduce you to our services and guide you through the process to help you make decisions with confidence and ease. 

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